TKAM Chapters 10-12 Scout

I say that Atticus is an older father. Hes not like the other fathers who go out to hunt and shot stuff. Atticus instead reads with his glasses on. He also sometimes embarrasses us. Then a mad dog comes towards our house and Calpurnia calls Atticus and the sheriff is there to and the sheriff tells Atticus to shot the dog down. Atticus shots the dog in one shot with all that distance he had. Atticus has the best shot in the county they called him, “one shot finch” I was eager to brag about it but Jem told me that if Atticus wanted me to brag he would have already bragged himself.

One day Mrs Dubose an old Cankerous lady who always shouts at me and Jem when we walk by. Sometimes she gets Jem so angry, but Atticus tells Jem to be a gentlemen to her because shes an old lady. One day Mrs Dubose tells Jem that his dad isn't any better than the “niggers and trash he works for,” and that got Jem so mad that she got a baton from me and destroys Mrs Dubose's bushes, and as punishment he has to read to her at her house for a month. Mrs Dubose make each visit a little bit longer each time Jem goes. When the month is over Mrs Dubose dies after a month of the reading. Atticus tells Jem that she was addicted to morphine and the reading was part of combat to fight the addiction. Calpurnia take them to church and they feel not welcome the church.

TKAM Chapters 8-9 Scout

For the first time in a long time it snows in Maycomb. We make snowmen and steal snow from other peoples yards we had a blast. We made a snowman that looks like Mr Avery. Mr Avery was a unpleasant man that lived down the street. Mr Avery Entrusted Atticus to disguise the snowman. Then that same night Atticus wake me up and I put on my robe and we go outside with Jem and we see Miss Maudie's house on fire. The neighbors help her save her furniture then the firetruck come and stops the fire before it spreads to other house, but sadly her house burns down to the ground. Jem realizes that its Boo Radley so she tells Atticus everything about the knothole and all the presents but he tells them to keep it to them selves. Miss Maudie is cheerful the next day because she plans on building a new house better than that house.

At school I almost gets in a fight with Cecil Jacobs because Cecil said that my dad defends Negroes. My dad was asked to defend Tom Robinson and he had to fight and try to win. At Christmas Uncle Jack comes and stays with us for the holidays and I get along with him, but when I meet him I start cursing in front of him. And then after supper jack tells me to not curse in his presence. One night Francis tells me that dill is a runt and my dad is a, “nigger-lover.” then I curses at him and beats him up. Then Francis tells Uncle Jack that I hit him and Jack starts spanking without hearing my story.

TKAM chapters 4-7 Dill

I returned to maycomb and I started playing games with scout and jem again. we roll each other in a tire wheel and when it was scouts turn he rolled in front of the radley place. decided to play the boo radley game and they had to give boo a message and peek in the window. then atticus comes out and asks if their game has to do with the radleys. and jem lies and then atticus leaves.

boo starts to leave presents in the radley tree for the kids to get. and scout doesn't know whos putting them there. miss maudie is telling scout about boo and why hes like that. she tells him why he cant go out of his house. she tells scout that boo radley isn't dead but that hes alive and that boo isn't his name. so then jem and dill plan to give boo a note asking him to come outside to get ice cream with them and they try to slip it in with a fishing pole and then atticus catches them and tells them to stop tormenting that man.

Mr radley shots at the kids because they were trespasing his property and the kids try to escape but jems pants get cought on the fence and he has to take them off in order to free himself. Mr Radley goes to a town meeting and says that he shot at a Negro and then atticus asks jem where his pants are and he lies and says that scout won them in strip poker. then when they get back to school and they walk by the Radley place they see jems pants hung over neatly in the fence then the next day they find stuff in the knot hole. then the next day the knot hole is cemented.

TKAM Chapters 1-3 Scout

My name is scout and I am thirteen and I live in maycomb with my family. I live next to dill and he tries to leave maycomb to go back to his hometown Meridian. I am ready to go to school for the first time EVER and I am so excited.

Miss Caroline gets really mad at me because I came in to class and I already knew how to read. At recess I complain to jem and she says that shes just trying out her new methods of teaching. Miss Caroline suspects that Aticcus has been teaching me how to read. theres this boy in my class named Walter Cunningham he did bring lunch today because his family is really poor. so miss Caroline offers him a quarter and says that he can pay her back later. he doesn't accept it because he know that he wont be able to pay her back. when I explain that to her she doesn't understand and then she slaps me.

at lunch I start rubbing Walters face in dirt because im mad at him because he made me get slapped by the teacher. and then jem says to stop and walter gets up ready and hes just listening to us and then I chase him away and then jem stops me. then in class miss caroline freaks when she sees a cootie crawl out of a boys hair.

Immigration project reflection

Immigration project reflection

This semester I picked a book called Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas. At first I didn't have knowledge of this book. All I knew was that it was about a Iranian family that immigrated to America. I choose this book because it tells you how an Iranian famliy comes to America and discovers all the American cultures. This book was about a girl named Firoozeh Dumas and her family that moved to America because of her dads work. Her dad was sent to America to talk about the Iranian oil company. This book was told by Firoozeh, and it was about her life. She talks about all her adventures, her dads work life, her marriage, and her ups and downs. We had to do a post every week about what we read. It was like an on line lit circles. You couldn't really communicate with your partners because it was a blot post and it was hard. All you could communicate with is comments on why you liked their post.
For my painting I decided to make a book cover. The book cover was basically a picture of the United States but with a tweak. I decided to put a little star with the word Iran on top of it. That meant that there are Iranians there living there. They were in California because in the book it says that they moved to California. The book cover painting basically means that they are a very small country and they brought their country to America. The family is just one spec of dust in a house so they're just one family compared to America. I didn't really add that much detail into my painting mainly because it wasn't very creative but thats all I could think of right now. I do think that I could have been more creative when sketching my painting.
My interview went very well I recorded it on my Ipod so that I can type it up and turn it in. I didn't mess up it seemed. I didn't ask to personal questions. They seemed to have had a good time in the interview. I do feel that I kind of rushed through it. I don't know why but I was feeling like I wanted to get over it but still I didn't. I asked him a lot of questions. It went really good. I have to admit that I was not focused on him sometimes I kind of got distracted with stuff in the room or I started playing with my hands. At the end we talked about what I was going to do for him and I told him that I was going to do a painting. I am not the best artist but my paintings are nice.

Book Review

Funny in Farsi Book Review

Well Funny in Farsi is one of the books that was kind of weird. Mainly because I don't normally read books like these. This book was not weird but interesting. If you were to read this book you would see how your family would be forced to move to another country by business, but still find the joy in staying. The main character and author is Firoozeh. She describes her journeys in America, her marriage, her family, her ups and her downs.
This book first takes place in Iran with a typical Iranian family, and they eventually move onto America because of her father Kazem. The only reason they moved to America is because of Kazem's work. Kazem worked in an National Iranian Oil Company. The oil company asked Kazem to move to America to work in the oil company in America. They moved to California, and they weren't the first family in America. Her brother was a student in a college in America.
In this book there was threats. One of them was “Dear Brainwashed Cowards,
You are nothing but puppets of the corrupt Shah. We will teach you a lesson you will never forget. Death to the Shah. Death to you.” this was very scary. This was one of Firoozeh's downs. Another down that she had was an earthquake that she had in her house when she got married. Everything broke and she told her dad and her dad just wanted to know if she was okay. So even though there was an earthquake it brought her dad closer to her.
This family experienced a lot during their stay in California but overall they had lots of fun. If it weren't for that Iranian Oil Company they would have never experienced all that. If they had stayed in Iran Firoozeh wouldn't have meant her true love. This adventure could teach you something. For me it taught me to take new challenges not just to do the same routine again and again, but to start new and take risks.
So overall this book was a very INTERESTING book you should totally read it. Maybe you will get inspired by this book and hopefully take on new challenges. This book is not a waste of time. It is only a waste of time not to read it so read this book NOW!

Funny in Farsi: Post 6

Quote 1
“we'll be next week's headlines. 'Dismembered bodies Discovered. Camera Equipment Missing.' I am not going,”
Page 169

Well if you read this page it says that the boat wasn't listed and that Firoozeh thinks its a drug boat and that she will die. She could be telling the truth. There are a lot of messed up people that would do that kind of stuff. She is has fear that she will die because the boat isn't listed.

This is kind of like a connection because I too fear that I will get kidnapped not here but in TJ. Mainly because my parents are very cautious and they always tell me not to go somewhere because “that guy looks suspicious”. I feel her fear.

Are you afraid that somethings going to happen to you in America?

Quote 2
In Abadan, we never had to think about money, not because we were rich, but because the national Iranian oil company took care of all our needs.
Page 180

Well if they had it so good in Iran why did the company make them leave. I mean like couldn't her father keep working in Iran. I wouldn't make someone leave a good life I'd let them stay.

Character Opinion
I think that they should have said no to the oil company for making their father come over here. I wouldn't leave my good successful life to a new life in America. I would stay even if America is a good country I would still stay.

Would you leave your good life and start a new one?

Funny in Farsi: Post 5

Quote 1
I'm a very decent person. I could be Catholic, Jewish, you name it. All religions basically say the same thing and I would just fit right into any of them.

I think that she is confused on her religion because she Muslim. I think that she needs to know that you can't be any religion. You are who you are.

Personal connection
I think that, that is very common in me. Sometimes I think that I could be Jewish. I sometimes even question my Catholic religion. I am what I am and I am very proud of it.

would you want to be a different religion?
If so what religion, and why?

Quote 2
it was a big earthquake. everything broke,
page 156

these are one of the hardships that they are going to have to overcome. Earthquakes are very dangerous and she could have gotten hurt. She lost everything in her apartment.

Personal connection
well I haven't really experienced a earthquake yet but I practice it at school when my teachers do a drill. I have this uncle that lives in Mexico and he had an earthquake in his ranch and almost everything he had broke.

have you ever experienced an earthquake?

Funny in Farsi: Post 4

Quote 1:
The great American philosopher Dr. Suess onece wrote about a fellow named the Grinch, who for some mysterious reason did not enjoy Christmas. Dr. Suess tried to delve deep into the unfestive mind of this enigmatic creature in order to find a possible reason for his lack of Christmas spirit:

It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that hes shoes were too tight.

These are fine explanations, but to me the obvious answer was overlooked. Perhaps the Grinch was, like me, a Muslim, someone who was left out of all Christmas festivities. The problem with religious explanation is obvious: nothing rhymes with “Muslim.” at least if you're “Jewish,” you can feel “blue-ish” during Christmas, but with “Muslim” you're just stuck.
Page: 104

Well to Firoozeh this was hard because she couldn't really celebrate Christmas. Because more into the next page she said “the laughter, however, stopper when reached Christmas. All of a sudden, everyone was having a party and I was not invited.” She couldn't really have the full Christmas experience.

Well for me a connection with this is basically that I can't celebrate Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. I can't have those experiences. I would like to see how it is but I can't because I have to do Christmas.

Would you like to celebrate a different holiday?
What would you do if you were to celebrate it?
Do you think it would be fun?

Quote 2:
But with the Iranian Revolution, my father's world turned upside down. The building of more refineries in Iran was halted and overnight my father's expertise was no longer needed. Although NIOC offered him other positions in Iran, non was within his field of interest. With much dismay, he requested and was reluctantly granted early retirement. My father was confident in his abilities to find a job in the united states.

This is bad for him and very good at the same time. He lost his job but he is going out into the world to find a new one. I think that he will fail and regret retiring from the NIOC.

I would just like to point out that he should have taken the job in Iran because I know this is going to back fire on him. I think that he is going to regret ever retiring from his job. He will probably not find the right job in America.

Would you want to retire from a perfectly good job and get one in America? (When you are older)

Funny in Farsi: Post 3

Quote 1:
Thus I starter sixth grade with my new, easy name and life became infinitely simpler. People actually remembered my name, which was an entirely refreshing new sensation. All was well until the Iranian Revolution, when I found myself with a new set of problems. Because I spoke English without an accent and was known as Julie, people assumed I was American. This meant that I was often privy to their real feelings about those “damn I-raynians.” It was like having those X-ray glasses that let you see people naked except that what I was seeing was far uglier than people's underwear. It dawned on me that these people would have probably never invited me to their house had they known me as Firoozeh. I felt like a fake.
Page: 65

Firoozeh/Julie is starting to lie to everyone. This is very bad for her social life because when that lie pains her so much that she has to tell the truth, she will become the fake girl. No one will want to talk to her they'll think shes not telling the truth.

This is one of those things you don't say that often because your afraid. For me I have lied in my life. I've lied to my friends, my teachers, even my family and I didn't want to tell them the truth because I was scared that they will not accept me for who I am.

Have you ever lied to someone in you life?
Did you lie because you care about them or was it some other reason?
What type of lie was it?

Quote 2:
My father's father, Javad, owned wheat fields outside Ahwaz. When it rained, the wheat grew and there was money for movies, sometimes three in one month. When it didn't rain, which was often in Ahwaz's arid climate, money was scarce. My father grew up looking at clouds and always hoping for rain.
Julie's Father
Page: 88

This was probably one of the reasons they moved away from Iran. There were less job opportunity's and in America there were tons of jobs at the time. Julie's father didn't have much money to go to the movies and fo-fill his dream of going to the movies, but in America he can do that more.

I don't really know much about this and this is quite true. I have heard that there are a lot of people in other countries that money is scarce for them because of less jobs. Here in America you can just about do anything. As long as you have a good paying job your dream can come true from having a theater in you house to having the worlds smallest cell phone.

Is there any type of dream you would like to come true in America?
What is it and how would you make it come true?

(Mrs. G i was at church, i came in at 8:56 and i was late for the post. I am very sorry. :'( )