LOFT jack

so we spot a parachutte going in the air and we see it land on the island and it like a fighters parachutte. cause a war was goin on. so we all argue for the hunt. the hunt to kill the beastie.

ok so me and ralph are arguing and im like i should go hunt for the beastie and the ralph is like that. so we both go and we end up where they think the beastie is. so ralph goes in first and i wait outside for a while after goin in the cave. ralph is like im gonna do this i have no more fear in me.

ok so i went in and like for the time me and ralph were like buddies a new comradship was forming. so we search the cave and the hills above and then some other boys are like happy dancin. and ralph reminds them to finish the search to stop all the fear goin on. so he tells them to go back to searchin........

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