lord of the flies

hi my name is ralph and i am in the book lord of the flies.

well this it the beginning i was in a plane it was shot down during an atomic war. it was all pretty bad. i mean im a little boy and i just see this plain coming towards us and shooting. yeah but i felt better when i got on the island.

piggy found a conch and i learned how to make a horn sound out of it. when i blew the conch i saw alot of people coming to were the sound was. it was like my own personal little army. there was this one strange group though. it was a line of boy all dressed up weird but in the same cloths.

well after we got settled in we sat down and started to talk. we needed a leader to deiced what happens. so jack obviously wanted to be leader because he is already leader of the choirboys, but the other kids wanted Ralph to be leader so the majority chose him. jack was angry and ralph knew it so he offered jack a lead in the hunters export. so jack was a hunter and ralph was a leader. then ralph decided to explore the island, and he took some of his new friends with him.

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