LOTF piggy

i criticize jack and the hunters about the fire going out and then jack slaps me on the face malevolently and he broke one of my lenses, and he just broke the one thing that really meant something to me. so i began to wail on jack because i was ticked off and then jack does to because i think that he thinks that the kids will make fun of him because i beat him up. ralph is scared about jacks brutality

later on jack apologizes to everyone for letting the fire down because he was supposed to take care of it. he let everyone down in a deep way because we need the fire to survive, to cook our food, to see in the night, to make a signal fire and he just ruined it for all of us even him self, and to believe the fight and the argument started with the fire going our.

then they use my glasses to lite the fire and we cook the pig the hunters killed with a lot of gouts but they took care of that. but jack is still being a baby and he doesn't proffer the roasted pork with me. but simon is nice enough to share his pork with me. the roasted pork was soo ham bone frilling.the the hunters are capering around the fire in celebration of there kill.


Laurence T said...

I love that you make sure you add cotent from the book because it shows that you know about the book. Like when you show that Piggy got slapped by Jack. I like that you have alot of detail in it. Like about the fire.

Meseret said...

I like how you were very detailed and specific on what you were talking about. I think that you should double check on grammar and punctuation and some spelling as well. But I really like how you wrote a little bit more than before, in your other journal entries. Don't forget to add 5 vocabulary words though.