LOTF piggy

Ok so like jack is tryin to form his own group and he is gonna be the team leader and im like finally hes leaving im sooooooooooo releaved....... ok so simon is like we should go climb the mountain and confront the beast and im like we should build a signal fire here in this spot and ralph is with me he wants to stay here cause he is hopeless.

so im finally brightened up and like i light the signal fire with my glasses. everyone is dancing around the fire with excitment. then the dancing stops and so does the fire. ralph finds out that the hunters went with jack. and im like we can survive without them... we don't need them.

so the hunters and jack are blood thirsty and they cut off the head of the bore. and they but it on a stick and go to where the beastie is and gift to him as a gift. me and ralph are on the beach talking about the recent events...........

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