LOTF ralph

ok so my whole survival plane is going down hill because all the order and discipline is not working. i really need to buckle down for this one if i don't there is a possible chance that none of us will survive. i think its all the meetings because they are like bad and no one listens so i really need to act like a chief if any of us are gonna live.

alright for this meeting i was like: everyone needs to get disciplined and follow the rules if you don't we all might die. i also mention that everyone has to be doing they're jobs for example they need to build more huts, store more water, keep the fire going if they want to be saved.

i think that they are going to listen to me because they all wanna get off the island and go to their families and be with their parents or brothers and sisters, and if they don't listen they will stay here and possibly die because of all the violence.

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