what i did today was, i built a shelter on the shore of the beach and all the other kids were helping me because i wouldn't be fair if i built them all, after we built them they all tumbled down. i think something went wrong when we were constructing them. we were all so depressed because we had just finished and now we are going to have to build them all over again tomorrow.

we were talking about the beastie and they were all like the beastie is scary and i agree because we don't know what it looks like, how strong it is, what are its weaknesses, where does it like, is it friendly, and what if it harms us.

my favorite part of the day was when i got stressed out because of all the work, so i went to the forest in the island, and i just sat down. it was a great experience for me because all my troubles just went off into the air and it was like i had no worry in the world and i found my center of peace. all of nature was surrounding me like it was part of me. it was one of the best things i did on this island.


Meseret said...

I like how you were expressing what happened when you guys were on the beach. But I also think that you should be more descriptive when you say something that you like or enjoy. But I thought that your writing was pretty good and funny when you said sooo cooliyo. You need to write more and show that you understood the book too.

Laurence T said...

I like that you became Simon, but you also didn't lose yourself while doing it. I can see that you expressed yourself and Simon in making. Like when you said coolyo, I can see that you put some of yourself in Simon. I like that you had very good descriptions even in a very short paragraph. Like when you talk about the nature. I like that you added some English accent like in tumble down.

The Ganesans said...

Hey Adrian,

You're off to a good start with your blogs. I'd like to see you write in more detail, your blogs should be about a page long, where your's are about 1 paragraph each. Also, you should be including your own title of the chapter, as well as the real chapter's name. Also, be sure o include 5 vocabulary words in every blog moving forward. Mrs. G