LOTF Simon

ok so we continue the search for the beastie in the mountaintop. when they stop to eat Ralph's mind wanders off thinking of home. i interrupt his thoughts and i try to calm him down by saying we will all get out of this island or something.

ok so we spot fresh pig droppings MMMMMM that smells good lol. we decide to hunt the pig while searching for the beastie. soon everyone spies the wild boar and wildly gives chase. so everyones going crazy for the pig and like they are blood thirsty. ralph reminds everyone that this is a game but is exhilarated from the hunt. so they have a choice to stay for the pig or go back to piggy. they decide to stay i go off to piggy to inform him about the plans.

later on in the story they find a beastie type of thing. i kind of looks like the bestie. who knows what it could be.....

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