chapter 13

The Reincarnation of The Hunters

Jack and the hunters decided to stay on the island because they don't have the same rules in england. The rules on the island is that you can do whatever you want and no one would care. The main reason jack wanted to stay on the island is that all he wanted to do was hunt and slaughter things. His hobby was chaos and destruction. He loves to kill the piglets. He loves to hunt with the hunters. He loves to do whatever he likes. So Jack had a meeting and said
“ there are no more rules. Everyone is their own boss. You can do whatever you want now. This is our freedom!”

The other people that decided to leave jack, so he said “the other people were afraid of everything that would go down at this island. They weren't ready for the things that they would do.” jack though that all those people were babys.

The first thing they did was made a fire. No one wanted to watch the fire. So they all wanted to go out and hunt because they all wanted to kill thing they weren't paying attention to the fire.

Jack and the hunters spot a monkey.
“it looks injured. We should go kill it” said jack. One of the hunters replied,
“no we shouldn't we should kill something else.”
“ well your right maybe we should kill you” said Jack.
“spill his blood” they all chanted. They were eager to kill him. They were close to a edge.
“spill his blood” they chanted. The hunter was frightened and nervous......... he falls off a cliff and they all have a moment of silence. While they have a moment jack sees the whole island burning again.

So they all go hunting and jack says “ who's taking care of the fire?” no one replies.
So jack says “Who's taking care of the fire!!!” no one replies. Someone goes to the fire. It spreads across the whole island in 5 min before that person got there.

Everyone is screaming in panic like they were in a really hot shower. They all catch on fire.
Jack says “i regret everything that Ive done on this island. I wish I could just take it all back”
1 miracle happened for jack. He found out it was just a dream. He wok up and says “what happened?”
“you got a concussion from one of the coconuts that hit you when the ship arrived. Yeah it was a miracle that you survived the only down side is the coma you were in.” said the doctor.
“what it all seemed so real I felt the heat of the fire I felt like I was there” said Jack.
“well you must have had a nightmare during your coma, and the heat was probably your blanket being to warm.” said the doctor.
“well I am glad I wasn't there. It was even more worse then what happened on the island” said jack.

They all lived happily ever after........ THE END

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