LOFT ralph

me and piggy deiced to join jacks feast, because we are starving our selves because we don't know how to hunt. everyone is prancing around the fire enjoying their roasted pig. Jack has a the painted face of a hunter he is using it as camouflage. then jack starts bossing everyone around like they have to get back to work. when jack spots me and piggy he asks if i want to join his savage tribe but i refuse.

then i point out that im the leader and that everyone should listen to me. then jack challenges me. jack points out that all the boys who want to be savages. piggy is scared and he urges me to leave but i refused to leave. it started getting misty.

then out of no where simon came out baring some good news about the beasty. then all of a suddon jacks group started shanking simon with their spears. they didn't know that that was simon they thought that it was the beasty they couldn't see it was very dark, and they were scared.

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