Book Review Anne Frank

Book Review: The Diary of a Young Girl
By: Anne Frank
The book I read for literature circles is The Diary of a Young Girl Written by Anne Frank. This book was very sad because at the beginning she was talking about how good her life is and towards the middle her life turned upside down. This book took place in World War II You would be shocked at the things she wrote, but there were some nice parts though. To me this book felt like it was dedicated to all the people that died in the Holocaust. This book was written by a 14 year old girl and it was her diary, she named it kitty. Her diary is her only friend that she can completely trust, and she tells everything to kitty.

Some of the main characters that took place in the story were, Anne Frank, Margot Frank, Daddy, Mummy, Peter, Petronella, Hans, and Albert, those were the Jews in Hiding. They're at Anne's dads work were they are hiding in a secret Annexe. This book takes place in the Netherlands during World War II. The families that are in hiding are very scared, but they get help from people that used to work with their dad. The people that help the families are not Jewish. They help them by bringing them food and water, bringing them cloths and presents. They are just really close friends with her dad and they care about them.

The book was very sad. The way she write its like you are right there with her. She used very descriptive writing. To think it was a 14 year old girl that wrote on a very mature level of writing. She got her diary in 1942 for her birthday, when they were still living peace fully. When she received she named it kitty, and she quickly started writing, she took her kitty very seriously. When her life got turned upside down, her kitty was all she had left as a best friend, and she cherished it.

When you read this book you might cry. Some parts were very intense. There was this part I read, when Peter says that he wants to be a burglar, and the only reason that was sad is because Anne Frank started to get sad, even though it wasn't a big deal, and he was just playing around. I didn't like how the most of the book basically took place in an attic, it just wasn't very appealing to me how the whole book was written in an attic. It got boring because all she did was, talk, eat, make food, get mad at people, and be sad.

I would recommend this book to people who would like to learn about the holocaust, people that would like to read for emotion in some sort of way, or just read to learn about history. This book was very descriptive in some places. I would also recommend it to people who would like to read long books because this book takes a long time to read. Overall this book speaks for its self. It gives another point of view on World War II. Anne Frank was very young when she wrote this, and the descriptions in the book were very mature. This book will speak for its self when you read it so just give it a try.

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