Field Trip Immigration Reflection

Part 1
The purpose of this field trip was to learn about how Jewish immigrants came to America and seek new life. This exhibit was a very interesting exhibit because it explained how Jewish people immigrated to America. The tour guide for the exhibit was a Mexican Jewish Woman. There are many things I found interesting in this exhibit. One of the things I found interesting is that the Jewish people came to America around the 1740's and they fought for their freedom in the revolutionary war. They only came to America because they got kicked out of Brazil because of the Portuguese conquerors. The Jewish people have been there always through out history they have been in the Civil War. There were about 10000 Jewish people in the war 7000 for the Union and 3000 for the Confederacy. Adolf Hitler killed most of the Jewish people in the 1930's, and America could only let in about 100,000 Jewish people. Out of the 6 million they let in 100,000 Jews, but they were all intelligent. There were pictures at the exhibit and there were many to choose from, but I choose on that got to me there was a picture of Jewish people and that got to me because they all looked sad like they just lost something that meant something to them. this exhibit

Part 2
This exhibit was very interesting, because it showed children of immigrants. This exhibit was not sad but but not happy. There was one photograph that stroke me. It was a couple of children just there. It was interesting because the children had no emotion, it was just like they were there. Their faces looked like they didn't care if they were in a good country. Their faces look like it doesn't really matter if their parents were immigrants. There was a quote that spoke to me in so many ways. It describes everything I'm for. "The greatest thing I hope for in my life is to become a successful person and to have a family and friends to support me, not to be looked at by just the color of my skin but who I am inside". This quote is very powerful everyone should go by it. The main reason I choose it was because the world still has those raciest and they need to read this. This quote was very deep.

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