Funny in Farsi: Post 2

Quote 1:
Older boys often ask me to teach them “some bad words in your language.” at first, I politely refused. My refusal merely increased their determination, so I solved the problem by teaching them phrases like man kharam which means “I'm an idiot.”
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This is a hardship because the father didn't want to teach the boys any bad words but he solved it by teaching them bad words towards themselves. Its funny but also hard because he wants to the right thing. He does the not so right thing though.

A lot of people ask me how to say bad words in Spanish and I always tell them how to say, “I'm dumb” I can relate to him because I do that to people who want to say bad words in a different language. I'm teaching them a lesson and they will see how its like to get hurt by a bad word.

Have you Asked someone to teach you a bad word in a different language, if so did the word they teach you backfire on you?

Quote 2:
A few months later, my father and I drove to the bus stop together. Like any other child going to overnight camp for the first time, I immediately regretted my decision. My father did his best to calm me by telling me storied of his first year in America as a Fulbright scholar at Texas A&M.
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To Firoozeh this was hard because she had never gone to overnight camp before. Her dad, Kazem was just trying to calm her down. The storied her dad gave her just gave her another message “I did not want to go to camp”

I have a connection because I went to camp for the first time in 4th grade and I was nervous, but my parents weren't there to calm me down. It was a school camping trip. I got over being scared because they made me go on a zip line and that was so fun.

Have you ever gone on a camping trip with or without your parents, if so how was it, did you have fun?


Meseret said...

Quote 1:[response]I like how Firoozeh is very tricky and smart. She always has a way of dealing with something. I don't know why anybody would get mad just because somebody wouldn't tell them how you say a bad word in your landguage. It's ridiculous.

Answer to Question: I never asked anyone how you say a bad word. You would sound dumb, if you go around saying it, when it would probably means something bad about yourself. I usually ask people how you would say other simple things, and they wouldn't lie. I had people ask me that, and I don't reply because it's not necessary.

Meseret said...

Quote 2: [response] I like this quote because Firoozeh's dad tells Firoozeh more about his experiences and how she would be fine at camp. Firoozeh was worried and she didn't want to go but she had already said she wanted to. Firoozeh is very strong and bright, but if someone is being rude to her at camp it would be different because she doesn't want to be hated by everyone. SHe should just get over her fears because camp is fun.

Answer to Question: I went to Palomar in 6th grade camp and it was fun. I went with my old school and another school. We stayed there for a week, and we did everything. I only part I didn't like was the hiking 2-3 days and the 3 minute showers. We couldn't even wash our hair for the entire week! But we got the chace to do everything especially with your friends.

luis ewing said...

Quote #1: I thought that the quote you choose was really good. I this because Sometimes I do that to when somebody is asking me to teach them a bad word in Spanish But instead I usually just tell them a phrase that will make fun of them selves.

Answer: Yes I have asked someone to teach me a bad word before in mandarin but they never told me so no it never really backfired on me.

Quote #2: I can also relate to this quote. I think I can relate to this quote because I one time went to a camp with a church and I never knew anybody so I got nervous But then some of the leaders introduced me to some other kids and the next thing I new I had 3 new friends. So even though I was nervous and I didn't want to go I still made it by myself even when my parents weren't there to calm me down.

Answer: Yes I have gone a camping trip without my parents and yes I did have fun because there was a lot of cool activities and sports we could play I had a great time at the camp I went to.