Funny in Farsi: Post 3

Quote 1:
Thus I starter sixth grade with my new, easy name and life became infinitely simpler. People actually remembered my name, which was an entirely refreshing new sensation. All was well until the Iranian Revolution, when I found myself with a new set of problems. Because I spoke English without an accent and was known as Julie, people assumed I was American. This meant that I was often privy to their real feelings about those “damn I-raynians.” It was like having those X-ray glasses that let you see people naked except that what I was seeing was far uglier than people's underwear. It dawned on me that these people would have probably never invited me to their house had they known me as Firoozeh. I felt like a fake.
Page: 65

Firoozeh/Julie is starting to lie to everyone. This is very bad for her social life because when that lie pains her so much that she has to tell the truth, she will become the fake girl. No one will want to talk to her they'll think shes not telling the truth.

This is one of those things you don't say that often because your afraid. For me I have lied in my life. I've lied to my friends, my teachers, even my family and I didn't want to tell them the truth because I was scared that they will not accept me for who I am.

Have you ever lied to someone in you life?
Did you lie because you care about them or was it some other reason?
What type of lie was it?

Quote 2:
My father's father, Javad, owned wheat fields outside Ahwaz. When it rained, the wheat grew and there was money for movies, sometimes three in one month. When it didn't rain, which was often in Ahwaz's arid climate, money was scarce. My father grew up looking at clouds and always hoping for rain.
Julie's Father
Page: 88

This was probably one of the reasons they moved away from Iran. There were less job opportunity's and in America there were tons of jobs at the time. Julie's father didn't have much money to go to the movies and fo-fill his dream of going to the movies, but in America he can do that more.

I don't really know much about this and this is quite true. I have heard that there are a lot of people in other countries that money is scarce for them because of less jobs. Here in America you can just about do anything. As long as you have a good paying job your dream can come true from having a theater in you house to having the worlds smallest cell phone.

Is there any type of dream you would like to come true in America?
What is it and how would you make it come true?

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kassidyb said...

Quote 1:
This quote was very important. It showed that even though firoozeh was a good person she would do whtaever she had to to try and fit in. This is not necessarily a good thing because then people will not be able to like you for who you are.

Question 1:
Yes, I have lied to poeple before. Mostly they are not big lies. It is just something that i don not want people to know, so i sat something else.

Quote 2:
I think this quote is important because it shows you that firoozeh's father did not have it easy when he was younger. Yes, he would get lucky when it rained and he got to see a movie. But, it did not rain a lot and his family had very little money.

Question 2:
At the moment my dreams for america aren't very big. I would just like to see more people trying to help the enviroment. Many people try to give ways but not everyone listens.