Immigration Reflection

A immigrant to me is a person that migrates to another country, like me going to another country. It doesn't matter if you got into that country legally or illegally you are still an immigrant. The only reason that they would want to move to another country is because they didn't like it so much. They would have that that their country was polluted or that there was to much violence going on.

Those immigrants would want to go to the United States because it is better protected other than other countries, and they might have thought that our country is cleaner than others, or that they liked our president. Ever since immigrations came to the U.S.A. we have changed by many things like our food, we have more food choices that before, such as Mexican food, sushi, Chinese food, etc.. We have also been affected by our language, we have learn more languages now. There are more laws because of immigrants, like when immigrants have to get a green card to come in. We have also adapted to many other cultures.

My connection with immigration is that some of my family are immigrants. Like my aunts, my uncles, and my grandparents. Also because I go to Mexico almost every week and I see a lot of people crossing the bored that are immigrants.

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