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Funny in Farsi Book Review

Well Funny in Farsi is one of the books that was kind of weird. Mainly because I don't normally read books like these. This book was not weird but interesting. If you were to read this book you would see how your family would be forced to move to another country by business, but still find the joy in staying. The main character and author is Firoozeh. She describes her journeys in America, her marriage, her family, her ups and her downs.
This book first takes place in Iran with a typical Iranian family, and they eventually move onto America because of her father Kazem. The only reason they moved to America is because of Kazem's work. Kazem worked in an National Iranian Oil Company. The oil company asked Kazem to move to America to work in the oil company in America. They moved to California, and they weren't the first family in America. Her brother was a student in a college in America.
In this book there was threats. One of them was “Dear Brainwashed Cowards,
You are nothing but puppets of the corrupt Shah. We will teach you a lesson you will never forget. Death to the Shah. Death to you.” this was very scary. This was one of Firoozeh's downs. Another down that she had was an earthquake that she had in her house when she got married. Everything broke and she told her dad and her dad just wanted to know if she was okay. So even though there was an earthquake it brought her dad closer to her.
This family experienced a lot during their stay in California but overall they had lots of fun. If it weren't for that Iranian Oil Company they would have never experienced all that. If they had stayed in Iran Firoozeh wouldn't have meant her true love. This adventure could teach you something. For me it taught me to take new challenges not just to do the same routine again and again, but to start new and take risks.
So overall this book was a very INTERESTING book you should totally read it. Maybe you will get inspired by this book and hopefully take on new challenges. This book is not a waste of time. It is only a waste of time not to read it so read this book NOW!

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