Funny in Farsi: Post 4

Quote 1:
The great American philosopher Dr. Suess onece wrote about a fellow named the Grinch, who for some mysterious reason did not enjoy Christmas. Dr. Suess tried to delve deep into the unfestive mind of this enigmatic creature in order to find a possible reason for his lack of Christmas spirit:

It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that hes shoes were too tight.

These are fine explanations, but to me the obvious answer was overlooked. Perhaps the Grinch was, like me, a Muslim, someone who was left out of all Christmas festivities. The problem with religious explanation is obvious: nothing rhymes with “Muslim.” at least if you're “Jewish,” you can feel “blue-ish” during Christmas, but with “Muslim” you're just stuck.
Page: 104

Well to Firoozeh this was hard because she couldn't really celebrate Christmas. Because more into the next page she said “the laughter, however, stopper when reached Christmas. All of a sudden, everyone was having a party and I was not invited.” She couldn't really have the full Christmas experience.

Well for me a connection with this is basically that I can't celebrate Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. I can't have those experiences. I would like to see how it is but I can't because I have to do Christmas.

Would you like to celebrate a different holiday?
What would you do if you were to celebrate it?
Do you think it would be fun?

Quote 2:
But with the Iranian Revolution, my father's world turned upside down. The building of more refineries in Iran was halted and overnight my father's expertise was no longer needed. Although NIOC offered him other positions in Iran, non was within his field of interest. With much dismay, he requested and was reluctantly granted early retirement. My father was confident in his abilities to find a job in the united states.

This is bad for him and very good at the same time. He lost his job but he is going out into the world to find a new one. I think that he will fail and regret retiring from the NIOC.

I would just like to point out that he should have taken the job in Iran because I know this is going to back fire on him. I think that he is going to regret ever retiring from his job. He will probably not find the right job in America.

Would you want to retire from a perfectly good job and get one in America? (When you are older)

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