Funny in Farsi: Post 5

Quote 1
I'm a very decent person. I could be Catholic, Jewish, you name it. All religions basically say the same thing and I would just fit right into any of them.

I think that she is confused on her religion because she Muslim. I think that she needs to know that you can't be any religion. You are who you are.

Personal connection
I think that, that is very common in me. Sometimes I think that I could be Jewish. I sometimes even question my Catholic religion. I am what I am and I am very proud of it.

would you want to be a different religion?
If so what religion, and why?

Quote 2
it was a big earthquake. everything broke,
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these are one of the hardships that they are going to have to overcome. Earthquakes are very dangerous and she could have gotten hurt. She lost everything in her apartment.

Personal connection
well I haven't really experienced a earthquake yet but I practice it at school when my teachers do a drill. I have this uncle that lives in Mexico and he had an earthquake in his ranch and almost everything he had broke.

have you ever experienced an earthquake?


Meseret said...
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Meseret said...

Quote 1: [response] I think that Firoozeh is muslim, but she just questions other religions. I didn't agree with Firoozeh when she said all religions are the same. Many religions worship and believen different gods. My understanding of this quote is that Firoozeh really doesn't care what religion she is because, every religion to her is the same.

Answer to Question: No, I would want to be a different religion because I like being an orthodox christian. I was borned and raised as one, so I should follow those steps. Plus, it's in the family so I can't just decide to become another religion, because I just wouldn't be able to believen it.

Meseret said...

Quote 2: [response] I thought that there was more to this quote so I added some more detailed sentences to this quote. I also though that this was one difficulty that Firoozeh was going to have to deal with. Everything of Firoozeh did break but atleast she is okay and made it through the earthquake and and she saved someones life.

Answer to Question: No, I haven't experienced a big earthquake, but I have been in a minor earthquake which I didn't even feel. Since we live in a state that has beaches, there will be alot of earthquakes. But I hope I am never in a situation like Firoozeh was.

kassidyb said...

Quote #1:
I like this quote because it shows that Firoozeh is a very open minded person. It shows that she is willing to try new things.
Question #1:
Well, i do not have a religion so i think it would be interesting to try different ones. Maybe it is something i would try in the future.

Quote #2:
This quote shows that Firoozeh was sad about the earthquake and that she lost everything, but she was more worried about her family. That is a very good thing.
Question #2:
I have never experienced and earthquake before. I think it would be a very scary experience,