Funny in Farsi: Post 6

Quote 1
“we'll be next week's headlines. 'Dismembered bodies Discovered. Camera Equipment Missing.' I am not going,”
Page 169

Well if you read this page it says that the boat wasn't listed and that Firoozeh thinks its a drug boat and that she will die. She could be telling the truth. There are a lot of messed up people that would do that kind of stuff. She is has fear that she will die because the boat isn't listed.

This is kind of like a connection because I too fear that I will get kidnapped not here but in TJ. Mainly because my parents are very cautious and they always tell me not to go somewhere because “that guy looks suspicious”. I feel her fear.

Are you afraid that somethings going to happen to you in America?

Quote 2
In Abadan, we never had to think about money, not because we were rich, but because the national Iranian oil company took care of all our needs.
Page 180

Well if they had it so good in Iran why did the company make them leave. I mean like couldn't her father keep working in Iran. I wouldn't make someone leave a good life I'd let them stay.

Character Opinion
I think that they should have said no to the oil company for making their father come over here. I wouldn't leave my good successful life to a new life in America. I would stay even if America is a good country I would still stay.

Would you leave your good life and start a new one?

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