TKAM Chapters 1-3 Scout

My name is scout and I am thirteen and I live in maycomb with my family. I live next to dill and he tries to leave maycomb to go back to his hometown Meridian. I am ready to go to school for the first time EVER and I am so excited.

Miss Caroline gets really mad at me because I came in to class and I already knew how to read. At recess I complain to jem and she says that shes just trying out her new methods of teaching. Miss Caroline suspects that Aticcus has been teaching me how to read. theres this boy in my class named Walter Cunningham he did bring lunch today because his family is really poor. so miss Caroline offers him a quarter and says that he can pay her back later. he doesn't accept it because he know that he wont be able to pay her back. when I explain that to her she doesn't understand and then she slaps me.

at lunch I start rubbing Walters face in dirt because im mad at him because he made me get slapped by the teacher. and then jem says to stop and walter gets up ready and hes just listening to us and then I chase him away and then jem stops me. then in class miss caroline freaks when she sees a cootie crawl out of a boys hair.

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Spiderwick said...

This is good, it explains the main details and such in the first three chapters, but next time you should focus on making it flow more, because it is kinda choppy. other than that it is really good.