TKAM chapters 4-7 Dill

I returned to maycomb and I started playing games with scout and jem again. we roll each other in a tire wheel and when it was scouts turn he rolled in front of the radley place. decided to play the boo radley game and they had to give boo a message and peek in the window. then atticus comes out and asks if their game has to do with the radleys. and jem lies and then atticus leaves.

boo starts to leave presents in the radley tree for the kids to get. and scout doesn't know whos putting them there. miss maudie is telling scout about boo and why hes like that. she tells him why he cant go out of his house. she tells scout that boo radley isn't dead but that hes alive and that boo isn't his name. so then jem and dill plan to give boo a note asking him to come outside to get ice cream with them and they try to slip it in with a fishing pole and then atticus catches them and tells them to stop tormenting that man.

Mr radley shots at the kids because they were trespasing his property and the kids try to escape but jems pants get cought on the fence and he has to take them off in order to free himself. Mr Radley goes to a town meeting and says that he shot at a Negro and then atticus asks jem where his pants are and he lies and says that scout won them in strip poker. then when they get back to school and they walk by the Radley place they see jems pants hung over neatly in the fence then the next day they find stuff in the knot hole. then the next day the knot hole is cemented.

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Spiderwick said...

I think that this is very good, it give a good summary on what happened in chapters 4-7. The only thing is that there are some uncapitilized things that should be, but if you fix those you should be good to go...good job