TKAM Chapters 8-9 Scout

For the first time in a long time it snows in Maycomb. We make snowmen and steal snow from other peoples yards we had a blast. We made a snowman that looks like Mr Avery. Mr Avery was a unpleasant man that lived down the street. Mr Avery Entrusted Atticus to disguise the snowman. Then that same night Atticus wake me up and I put on my robe and we go outside with Jem and we see Miss Maudie's house on fire. The neighbors help her save her furniture then the firetruck come and stops the fire before it spreads to other house, but sadly her house burns down to the ground. Jem realizes that its Boo Radley so she tells Atticus everything about the knothole and all the presents but he tells them to keep it to them selves. Miss Maudie is cheerful the next day because she plans on building a new house better than that house.

At school I almost gets in a fight with Cecil Jacobs because Cecil said that my dad defends Negroes. My dad was asked to defend Tom Robinson and he had to fight and try to win. At Christmas Uncle Jack comes and stays with us for the holidays and I get along with him, but when I meet him I start cursing in front of him. And then after supper jack tells me to not curse in his presence. One night Francis tells me that dill is a runt and my dad is a, “nigger-lover.” then I curses at him and beats him up. Then Francis tells Uncle Jack that I hit him and Jack starts spanking without hearing my story.

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